Is my dog an American Akita? Questions

Discussion in 'Akita' started by Aerodoux, Apr 29, 2021.

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    Is my dog an American Akita?

    Hello everyone! I got an American Akita dog 1 month ago, and my question if it's a real American Akita or maybe a mix? I saw many pictures of other Akitas and mine doesn't seem that he has such a robust head, he has slightly long ears and a thin face in my opinion , he's 3 month old now.

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    He looks like an akita to me. They can vary in shape a bit. My dad's first was tall in the legs and lean while his others were shorter legged and more bearlike.

    Did you see the parents before buying? Did you get papers with the puppy?

    That you are questioning his breed suggests that you bought him from a backyard breeder. This happens a lot. People buy the puppy because it's "more affordable" and then start wondering if it's really a purebred.

    If you are buying a puppy PLEASE buy from a reputable breeder associated with your country's KC. It is more expensive but you are sure to get what you are buying, there are health certificates provided, and even guarantees.

    As you have your puppy, enjoy him. He is adorable. If you really want to know if he is a mixed breed, do a dna test on him. But purebred or mix, he's yours for life.
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    He looks like an Akita to me too. My first one had very long legs and not the super wide head people often expect, he has a long snout. My current male has huge feet and leg bones, and a wider head, but still not the super wide head. My previous guy weighed around 120 lbs. My current male only weighs a bit over 90 lbs. I have a half sister of his and she seems tiny to me, weighing in at just over 70 lbs. They very, just like people, even from the same parents.

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