Just got him from a rescue shelter, question about breed- Questions

Discussion in 'Alaskan Malamute' started by hollywood6964, Sep 23, 2018.


What percentage malamute do think he is?

  1. purebred alaskan malamute

  2. 50/50 alaskan malamute/siberian husky

  3. 75% alaskan malamute 25% siberian husky

  4. 75% siberian husky, 25% alaskan malamute

  5. purebred siberian husky

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  1. AIIan

    AIIan Member

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    Must say I'm surprised at that result of 100% husky. In fact sufficiently so to doubt the veracity of the test. But there you go. Hopefully this answer gives you what you were looking for.
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  3. hollywood6964

    hollywood6964 New Member

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    Yeah I hear you, but it was a wisdom 4.0 panel. Wisdom n embark seem to be the best n all their tests match up when someone does both, in the research I've done. Mistakes can be made though.

    It seems he has hip issues as well..... Which would be consistent with him being on the larger size, poor breeding. He's about 25 inch's at the apex of the shoulder n around 77lbs right now. So he's a pretty large husky. That n the fact he has unusually long hair makes him look different.

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