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Discussion in 'Anatolian Shepherd Dog' started by tambrose76, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Microbiome for Allergies

    Male 2.5 yr Anatolian 1/8 GP
    Allergy blood tests, horrendous results, cant handle protein or potatoes or corn (like 2800 vs 300 max scores). Few ear infections, skin rash no open sores. Now HA food and the gray pills used for human transplants. Expensive beside the point.

    I did some research into GUT flora and found a test that came back with some amazing results that lend to allergies. Great animal microbiome company in California, even got personalize emails back. The results show Tarkan to be missing 6 of 13 essential bacterium gut bugs needed to remain healthy. Anyone have experience with this? Vet says meds, but I am sending the whole lengthy lab results that cost me a fraction of visit costs.

    The company apparently has lab-grown dog-specific bugs that can be sent as a cocktail to fix my Anatolian. Will do after Vet says so.
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    Wishi good luck to your boy.

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