My Akita is collapsing Health

Discussion in 'Akita' started by Caspers dad Luke, Apr 28, 2021.

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    My Akita is collapsing

    Hi there, I’m new to this forum and are seeking any advise about my Akita, Casper. He is my second Akita and he is the best. Now 11 years old, he is starting to show signs of his age. One concerning issue is he has started on occasion to cough as if he has a fur ball and then collapses. I hope some one can shed some light. I’ve been taking him to the vet but a recent incident with his vet has caused me some grief. Casper was getting an ultrasound and during the procedure he came out of the sedation he was given and bit the girl doing the ultrasound. The vet called the authorities and Casper was seized and thrown in the pound. It took me 9 days to get him out. Now every vet a make an appointment to see gets Caspers file from the previous vet and mysteriously cancels my appointment. But I’ll get through that and just want to help our family member
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    Could be so many things. Possibly a tumor. It's really impossible to say without testing.

    Can you offer to muzzle him during the vet visit? Once a new vet gets to know him, they may realize the bite was a logical reaction to coming out of sedation and not a vicious dog.
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    I'm sorry that you are having these problems, it must be heartbreaking for you. Was Casper having the ultrasound on his chest? I have had dogs with heart problems that have had similar falling and coughing symptoms - was the vet that was bitten able to get any results before the attack happened?
    Muzzling seems to be a good option, if you are having trouble finding a vet to treat him, you could try asking the SPCA for help - pointing out that it is not fair, (possibly illegal?), to leave a sick animal without treatment.
    I had a friend who had an aggressive giant breed which had to be seen muzzled. Her vet used to give her a sedative tablet which she gave the dog at home, at a certain time prior to his appointment. I hope you can sort something out.
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    Your problems with the vet are an absolute disgrace. Vets, of all people, know that animals can bite and usually blame themselves for not seeing the signs and taking precautions.

    There are many ways vets can handle dogs that have bitten, but, as Carole says, the most common is to have you give an oral sedative before going and muzzling up.

    Only a vet can diagnose what's wrong and the fact that you are too worried to see one because of that incident is really, really wrong

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