Need Advice for a Massive Change Behaviour

Discussion in 'Australian Cattle Dog' started by Averus, Aug 20, 2022.

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    Need Advice for a Massive Change

    Hello everyone! I am posting here for the first time, because I need advice on what to do with my current situation with my Cattle Dog mixbreed Molly.

    My dog is named Molly, and she has not have the easiest time in her life. We adopted her as a puppy rescue, she is a Red Heeler mix, with heavy favoring towards that side, who also has Diabetes Insidipidus. It was really rough in her early years when we were trying to figure out what was wrong with her, but we got past that and now she is on daily meds so she is pretty much a normal dog, with the usual Cattle Dog behaviors. She will be 5 on Halloween of this year.

    Now here is the situation. Our household has been me and my Mom. Molly is pretty much a two person dog, and is very much a barking guard dog. This was fine until last fall, when my Mom had a stroke.

    Since then it has just been me with Molly, and she does miss my Mom very much, but she has done okay, and had no destructive behavior since it happened.

    My Mom has been in the hospital, rehab and assisted living for now, but we are planning to bring her home this fall. This will include a health aide to help her.

    I am not sure how to go ahead here. Molly is a member of our family, and she has missed my Mom tremendously, but I am worried about how she will deal with having an aide in the house now. The bright side of all of this is my job is completely understanding and will let me work from home during the transition.

    Does anyone have advice on what to do here? Everything feels so overwhelming right now.
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    Can you have the aide come for visits before your mom comes home to do some bonding with Molly. Have the aide go for walks with you and Molly. If Molly likes to play let them have play dates. Have the aide feed her a meal each day.

    Basically show Molly that the aide is a part of the household and is a positive change.
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    What has Molly been like when you have had visitors in the past?

    One thing I would suggest until you are sure of things, is a dog gate and get Molly used to it now before mum comes home and the carer comes in. That way, a very slow introduction in full safety can be made.

    Be aware that Molly may (or may not) see the help mum gets as an attack on her until she is used to it so, safety first, have her behind the gate until you are fully sure of her reaction

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