Need all the advice I can get, PLEASE. Behaviour

Discussion in 'Alaskan Malamute' started by Adaberny, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Need all the advice I can get, PLEASE.

    Hey there everyone. I've been looking for a community I can join that can help me raise my Malamute puppy into the great dog I now this breed is. I need all the help and resources I can get apart from the multitudes ive already done.

    I just adopted her this week and am so excited and thrilled to be taking on the big challenge of having this beautiful breed.

    A little of my dog bckg...
    I was raised at the age of 10-13 years of age with a (very aggresive, problematic) Malamute mix, that later passed away. Even with all the horrible aggression, I loved her to death. For years and years, I only had eyes on this breed and no other. I always had the want to adopt a Malamute and only a malamute, and that dream finally came true.

    If its no bother, to you folks who have successfully raised a Malamute to adulthood, please help, i need the guidance. I've never raised one on my own, but have dealt with the breed somewhat. I know that I am in for a very heavy challenge with this breed I know is very stubborn and requires hard effort, patience and time, but I adopted one knowing that. And I do not regret it one bit. But I still need all the advice and help I can possibly get. Having dealt in the past with a fully grown aggressive dog with heavy, heavy problems, being scared of her everytime I got close to her...I would like to raise my puppy as best I can. And for that I need the help of other Mal owners.

    Bckg on puppy...

    Korrah is a 4 month old akc reg. Alaskan Malamute, born May 8th 2019, came from PA, raised with kids and a family. 40 pounds and un-spayed.

    Problems I would love advice on:

    Food aggression, please, anything on this. I do not want a repeat situation with my previous dog :( I feed my mal puppy out of a bowl and have taught her to sit and wait till I say "okay", she's been doing great with this. Then i make her eat with my hand in the bowl, take her bowl and return it. I touch her everywhere while she eats too. She was fine with all this, no growling.

    However...I decided to feed her a treat (chicken leg) in the afternoon, loved it very much.. I tried to take it out of her mouth and she growled. I obviously didn't try to do that again but I did pet her around and she was fine with that. Is this normal? Should i try to curb this or is this okay to let slide? Food aggression is the only issue I will not let slide. It's the behaviour I want to have corrected early. But i dont know if this is agression or if this is just normal puppy behaviour.

    Jumping on furniture/table...I tell her to get down, and she does...after I repeat it over 10 times and stomp my foot on the ground. I was very careful not to feed her from the table. After she tries to hop on my table a couple times and I get her down a dozen times, she quits. Did I win, or did she? Better way to correct this?

    I had her tied for a few min while I mopped the floor. She was overly excited and jumpy, so i went to tell her to sit, but she proceeded to hump my leg instead. I pushed her off obviously, but I didn't know what to do there. Don't know why she did that.

    These are the only issues ive had with her so far and I know there are many more to come. I just want to catch everything early on , one issue at a time and not wait till I have a full grown animal on my hands I cannot control. I plan to have her on some training classes soon. But until then I'd like any advice on what to do with these issues.

    Thank you!! I would appreciate it so much.

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