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Discussion in 'Anatolian Shepherd Dog' started by James Logan, Sep 29, 2022.

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    Need to relocate

    I joined because my rancher neighbor claims our brother and sister Anatolians are harassing one of his calves. I believe it is true but I don't have the heart to do anything about it. I fear they will be shot, and I can't pay for a dead calf. I need to relocate them. They're chipped, have been wormed since able to be and given flea n tick chewables so they are comfortable and happy.
    They need a farm and although we paid good for them we are just looking for a new family.
    We are both grieving over this.
    Can Anatolian Shepherds be relocated?
    Will they in fact harm cattle or harm a calf?
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    Can't you keep them contained on your property? Build an enclosure where they can be outside and not able to bother livestock. Take them to obedience training. Don't let them roam loose.

    As to will they harm a calf, any dog is capable of doing so. Whether they are likely to or not depends on the individual dogs.

    Why don't you contact the breeder you bought them from? They may be willing to take them back and find them a new home.

    And to say that they need a farm - if they are indeed harrassing calves - is simply ensuring they will not be successful and the next owner will be faced with the same problem you are facing now.

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