New here and in need of help with my Pomeranian Questions

Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Taylor105, Oct 4, 2019.

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    Taylor Allen John Anstrom

    New here and in need of help with my Pomeranian

    My name is Taylor. I have a 4-year-old Pomeranian named Jaxon. I have had him since he was weaned from his mother and he is my life. Here is the problem. I am renting a room from a lady in her home while I wait for a state-provided apartment. I have been living in this one room with my dog for the past year and a half now. I truly want my name to come up on the list for housing but after a year and a half I have no idea when that will be. We (my dog and I) are allowed to use the kitchen but mostly we hang out in my bedroom 24/7. I take him out for long walks because he gets bored easily as any young dog would in that situation. No problems there. The only issue he has fear. He is afraid of loud noises, (fireworks, thunder, cars backfiring)

    The issues come when we come over to visit my old roommate who shares custody with me. He has a wonderful life over here. He can run through the house, is not trapped in any room and pretty much would seem to be much happier. But here is where the problems come in. The moment we get here he runs over and starts humping the pillows. He never ever tries to hump pillows at the place I rent. So as hard as she tries to get the pillows put up before he gets here, Jax always finds one somehow. The worst part is he can be laying down being pet or seeming calm and out of nowhere he starts growling, and then if you talk to him the growling can be worked into a bite. He is not a small Pom. He is a 20-pound throwback. I don't understand the aggression because it only happens over here. I assumed he just is overloaded with anxiety so we tried him on Quiet Moments with Hemp seed. It helps somewhat. I called the vet and they suggested another chewable called Composure Pro to give when we are over here. On the bag, it says it is for dogs in serious need of behavioral, cognitive, brain function support as well as supporting sleep efficiency. He has only been on the med for 2 days.

    I wouldn't even need to post if we did not need to come over here. But this is my family and the room I am renting is horrid and I feel like I am in jail. Plus I have a lot of medical issues and we share a car so I have to come here with Jax when I need the car for appointments and shopping. So we split our living between the one-bedroom and here where he is having the issues of aggression.

    Please help me. I love my dog so much but I don't know what to do. I feed him only the best foods and he doesn't have any issues with eating or voiding. I want my family over here to be able to enjoy Jax. He is not being petted or loved on right now by anyone (except me) because you never know when he is going to growl. He has bitten me in the past and drawn blood. So far I have not had him bite anyone else and I plan to keep it that way. I hate painting him in a horrible light because 99% of the time he is loving, charming, and everyone thinks he is gorgeous. I need some help. I know you guys are going to suggest taking him to the vet first. If nothing is found wrong what should I do? Why is he like this when we are over here? Thanks in advance, Taylor Allen John Anstrom

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    As to the original post, there seems to be a number of issues.

    The problem when you visit your friend is, my guess, very excitement based and him not knowing how to cope with it. Ie, one big adrenaline rush which he struggles to get back under control.

    I would suggest you contact a reputable behaviourist who will be able to actually see what is happening and the relationship between you all because it's impossible to get the full picture based just on the written description

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