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Discussion in 'Alaskan Malamute' started by Meeko Malamute, May 14, 2020.

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    New Malamute Puppy Help/Questions

    Hello everyone, we just got a new Malamute pup Meeko. He is still very young (3 months born 2/14/2020) and rambunctious which is to be expected. We had a few questions in regards to temperament and were hoping we could pick everyone's brains. Any help that can be given on any or all of the following questions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Right now he is learning very quickly, but sometimes won't listen at all which I assume is just a lack of focus for such a young puppy (and stubbornness of the breed) and will grow to listen more with consistent training?

    2. His puppy biting gets very hard and sometimes aggressive sounding. We yelp and walk away which doesn't really work. We also put him in time out in the kitchen for very short times (30-60 seconds) and while this sometimes works he normally comes out ready to jump around and bite again. Do they grow out of this? What are some better ways to deal with these issues? It gets very frustrating as he draws blood almost daily with superficial scrapes.

    3. Last and least important (although we would love it!), we had heard the breed were great family dogs which is one of the big reason why we selected it. We were hoping to get a cuddly, nice, affectionate dog and most of the time it doesn't seem like he wants anything to do with us unless its to gnaw on our hands. We have only had him for a month and a week so far. Do they grow to be more affectionate with us and cuddly? Again, this isn't the most important we would love to be able to cuddle with him without having the guard our body parts! Is there anything we can do to reinforce this behavior beyond just a never ending flow of treats? He is very food motivated.

    Thank you and we hope to hear from someone soon!
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    1) He's not listening because he doesn't know what any of the commands you're giving him are yet
    Practice short training sessions throughout the day, and keep it fun and interesting, also interacting with him helps with bonding.

    2) The biting phase will pass, but best to start teaching him bite inhibition
    Whatever method you choose, the more consistent you are the faster they will learn,

    3) Not all dogs like to be hugged and cuddled, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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