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Discussion in 'Australian Cattle Dog' started by Teddy da Bear, Jan 1, 2024.

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    I got my red heeler back in August.

    Her name is "Maybellene".

    My blue heeler and her met for a short 2 weeks before my beloved blue heeler passed away.

    I swear to you....before Bunny left us...
    She transfered some of her soul to Maybellene.

    Like Bunny......Maybellene instantly knew how to open doors and let herself in. (Gets pretty cold to find a door open in the winter).

    If I scold another of my 5 dogs? She has to put her two cents in same as Bunny.

    Really don't know if she's helping or

    If I go to sleep at night....she insists to lie across my chest. Now that she's getting's tough to breath.

    I just wish she didn't have so much of the Dingo shrill "yip".

    Bunny didn't have that.

    Some call them the "shadow dog" and this one fits that description.

    Almost always standing next to, or behind me.

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