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Discussion in 'Your Introductions' started by KaitlynVL, Aug 23, 2023.

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    New to the forum!


    I will start off by introducing myself, of course, and then move on to the pups. I am Kaitlyn. I have always been enthusiastic about animal care and health, especially for canines. Since I was young I've wanted to work alongside them, and have thankfully had the opportunity to do so. I am unemployed at the moment but working on becoming a dog trainer or groomer, as they are my true passion. I would also love to learn more about breeding and producing lovely family pets for other people that are just as passionate about dogs as I am.:p

    I have three dogs, one having just came home about 4 days ago. Starting with her, she is a miniature poodle and my first ever small breed dog. She is an absolute sweetheart, even when she is acting like a crazy puppy, and I plan to spoil her rotten as she grows. Her name is Cricket.

    Secondly is my cattle dog mix, Hero. He was originally being trained as my farm helper, but as my farm is still quite small he has yet to have a true job. Regardless, he's an active boy that loves to talk.

    And last but not least, Zoey. She is an unknown mix who is around 8 years old. Despite being up there in age, she is still as active and as playful as ever. She is the sweetest girl you could ever meet, and absolutely LOVES to give kisses.

    I am very excited to use this forum and meet fellow dog enthusiasts. I am especially excited to learn from you all.

    Feel free to introduce yourself below as well!:)
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    Hi Kaitlyn. Welcome to Breedia.

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