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    99DFBD82-4FAD-49F2-92C9-7762F0E88482.jpeg 0B0DDA18-06C6-49D9-867B-5298E1F882D6.jpeg this is Lewis. We rescued her from a box at a rural Spanish farmers market. Give the farmer his due. For anyone who know Spanish farmers they are more likely to kill unwanted animals or worse dump them than try rehousing them.
    Yes Lewis is not normally a girls name but she had a bellybutton hernia and my children though that was her 'male bits' and named her. It was only later I checked and relized their mistake but the name stuck. We just call her lewi.
    We think she's a sort of lurcher terrier cross
    As a young dog she was crazy loopy almost feral until I took her out while I rod my bike (lots of open space on spain) after 20km she was calm enough to train.
    5 years later she's matured into a loyal obegient companion who actively seeks attention by pawing at your arm. She still loves stretching her legs along side my bike rides. 0B0DDA18-06C6-49D9-867B-5298E1F882D6.jpeg 99DFBD82-4FAD-49F2-92C9-7762F0E88482.jpeg
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    What a great little dog !
    20 km with the bike , I laughed when I read that . great story about how it cured her stir craziness too thanks .
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    I used to have a terrier/lurcher, she came from the Dogs Home and had been living on the streets. I can back up all you say about the high energy levels. Tweed wasn't tall but a six foot solid boarded fence was nothing to her, and she spent the first few months with us dragging a piece of 4" x 4" timber behind her whenever she was off lead. Such a naughty girl, but so clever - and the reason why we got started in Working Trials.
    Enjoy your Lewi, you will never forget her!

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