Protective Female Min Pin (10yrs): Possible to introduce new female Min Pin Questions

Discussion in 'Miniature Pinscher' started by Harry D, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Protective Female Min Pin (10yrs): Possible to introduce new female Min Pin

    Hi everyone,

    Long story short, my wife and her family had a Min Pin when we met 4yrs ago. It has always been loud towards others. Fast forward, she has come to protect me like no other, even from my wife. If we hug or touch or something, she starts to bark and get between us. She also sometimes will snap, although it's never been like to hurt, snaps when others get in her zone and sometimes connects and will break skin. Maybe once a year if that, but does do it.

    Now to the point, I've wanted to get another dog for awhile now. When we go out, she won't let nay other dog . get near her. She actually runs away, even from puppies. She is currently 10yrs old and gets nervous when other dogs get near her. Kind of the same with people, but with people she barks.

    However, with people, if they are around for a bit(like at our house for a few hours or something like that) she'll end up curled up on their lap. Haven't had the chance with this for other dogs. I'm just curious if anyone has had a Min Pin like this and has successfully brought another female Min Pin into the home. We just found the cutest little pup and would love for her to have a friend. Yet I'm worried how she'll react and if this could cause any major problems.

    I appreciate any input or advice anyone can give. My biggest fear is she wouldn't take to the puppy and then be stuck in a nightmare, because I wouldn't want to have to give up the puppy. I have read and been told by one or two people(but not well educated in experience) say after a few days to a month, that they'd settle in and should be fine.

    Look forward to hearing back from all of you.

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    No one can tell for sure if it would work or not, after reading your post I personally wouldn’t chance it.

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