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Discussion in 'Shar Pei' started by Zeynep Tan, Dec 30, 2020.

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    Zeynep Tan

    Shar-Pei mix girl

    My name is Zeynep, and I'm writing from Turkey.
    I've purchased a Shar-Pei puppy from a breeder and she happened to be a Shar-Pei mix.
    I also have a 3 years old soft natured Golden Retriever who has had cancer at the age of 2 and at age 3 she is cancer free for now after surgery and herbal remedies.
    Shar Pei isn't widely cared dog in Turkey. When I was getting her, I knew that their origin was China but didn't know that they were tougher than Pitbulls.
    Although she is a mix, I need to be sure she won't attack my Golden Retriever when she grows into a big dog.
    Another thing is, I will always have Golden Retrievers in the house and they will be same sex. (females)
    On the internet, it says, as they come from a dog fighting pit, they are mostly aggressive towards other dogs. This frightens me.
    Will I never be able to get a Golden Retriever puppy if I keep her?
    I am so sorry for her because when I got her I found out that she had Parvo and Corona, and I fought till my last drop of blood to save her, and now she is so healthy and playful. Already had her first two DHPPI vaccinations and playing wildly with my Golden - for now.
    Dear Shar Pei owners please, PLEASE share yout dogs' attitudes towards other dogs, and tell me if it is probable that one day she attacks my Golden Retriever, or will not let me adopt a Golden Retriever puppy in the future, as a grown up Shar Pei.
    I'm totally helpless.
    If I have her adopted, I'm never sure how well she will be taken care of.
    And for now, we are a pack!
    Thank you

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    Did the breeder say what the mix was?
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    While I don’t own a sharpei , I can tell you a couple things from my experience .

    first is that a sharpei is not as much of a fighting dog as the rumour which I had heard in my country and you have heard in yours.

    when I had pitbull books years ago one did mention sharpei in it , and said they failed miserably when they were brought to America in fighting a pitbull .
    I’m not into fighting dogs , however that’s what was stated by the author of that old pitbull book who clearly was.

    and second the two sharpei I knew one was a male and the other was a female .

    the male was aggressive even as a pup and the two of them would feed off each other’s energy and run up and down the fence going crazy making ferocious sounds .

    I used to call the male macho , because he had a serous attitude problem and one day when I was sitting on the couch he actually tried to bite me on the face .

    the saving grace was that because his big slobbering lips were so huge , when he latched them onto my face his teeth never even made it past his huge jowels !

    so I did not get a scratch , only a bit slobbered.

    I think the best thing could happen to a sharpei is to get crossed lol

    just my opinion , fancy looking nont well functional dogs in my opinion .

    not that I think they should but just they were clearly bred for a deliberate look.

    I can’t speak for all sharpei and the female was a lovely dog , however macho had his issues .
    His human mummy spoiled him however very well.

    when he was a naughty boy that day she blamed me , and said I must have done something to him which I did not .

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