should i get an Alaskan malamute Questions

Discussion in 'Alaskan Malamute' started by hugh berry, Feb 21, 2021.

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    should i get an Alaskan malamute

    hi ive never owned a dog before however i am always home and go on runs every day. i understand that this breed of dog is very hard to care for properly but i think i could manage. i have a big garden in which it could run around in and i have lots of time to train and exercise the dog properly i also have a large house where it could live. the only reasons ive herd that first time dog owners should not get Alaskan mals is the time, exersise and training that they need. let me know what you think. ps would 2 hours of exersise e.g walks be enogh every day and on top of that training :).
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    If you are intent on getting a malamute,I would recommend that you get in touch with the breed club and ask for a list of ethical breeders, go and visit and spend some time with them and the dogs, as there are breeders who are solely in it for the money and do not take precautions when breeding from dogs are have health and temperament issues,

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