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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Malka, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Tikva and her bikkies

    Tikki rarely has treats and the occasional chew but when she goes in her crate at night she gets a small biscuit after she has done her twirly dance before I open the crate! There are two sorts that she likes and I am happy with the ingredients in both, which I buy from the big store on the Pension about ten minutes from here, and I thought I had more in her store cupboard.

    Everything but...

    Checked on their website and could not make head nor tails of it, even on Chrome which has an automatic translate. Sure, but typical Google with their translation it had translated "Dogs" as "Seals" o_O and I could not find what I wanted in the original Ivrit. So I telephoned them and asked where to find biscuits/treats/etc on their website in Ivrit and even though I have not been there since Tikki was a puppy, they still knew me and were able to pull up on their computer my previous purchases.

    They do deliver, free of charge, as they are major wholesalers, and would be happy to deliver to me - but I want to see what they have and it will be good for me [and Tikki of course] to get out. Apart from anything else that is the only place she can go off lead, both outside and inside the store. Previously I have gone with my taxi driver but for various reasons I will not use him now except in a dire emergency, so Amit will be taking us. I also want him to see the place as he will be adopting Tikva when I am six feet under.

    And if that little booga Tikki asks for another toy after she has inspected everything on offer...

    ...I guess I will have to treat her!
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