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Discussion in 'Akita' started by IamDoggie, Jun 25, 2020.

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    What should know before adopt an Akita

    I'm looking for an Akita pup. For this reason, I want to know info about Akita pups
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    Animal Welfare
    I have had an American Akita Male pup, Hatchiko since he was 2.5 months. Now he is 10 months old. I cannot explain to you how wonderful he is!!
    Actual and realistic concepts:
    1. They love mouthing, so make sure you have a lot of toys and bones
    2. Mouthing is communication for them, so sometimes he will nibble slowly when he wants something
    3. They are so smart and get to be highly trainable from the first couple of commands, but, you have to be very loving and firm; punishment, scolding and embarrassing them in public for any bad behavior is a big no no!
    4. They take time to trust you and be really attached, so dont worry if this takes time
    5. They need to eat well and I highly recommend you cooking for him/ her
    6. They love it very very cold, so make sure you have hoodies and sweat shirts available for you to warm up yourself :)
    7. They are stubborn and very independent, so by being a bit consistent and firm but with lots of love and attention, they tend to be marvelous creatures!
    8. They are healthy, but regular teeth brushing, coat brushing and massages are a very good assistance
    9. They are strong and they tend to pull on the leash, therefore, make sure you are very firm and always enforce positive behaviour.
    10. Unlike what everyone says, the AA is such a loving, playful, funny and friendly dog if you make sure he socializes with every moving human and creature. No need for any guard training as they have it built in!
    11. They will tend to love playing with you on a one-on-one basis more than their own species
    12. Hatchiko loves kids, cats and rabbits and I do have them already at home and they are great
    13. They hate loud noises and love their naps.
    14. Walking them 3 times a day for at least 20 minutes per session is fine, but keep him away from the direct sun and heat and always have water with you: I take Hatchiko 30 minutes in the early morning at 5:30 am ( I am in the United Arab Emirates so its boiling here) then late at 6:30 pm for 20 to 30 minutes depending on what HE wants; I never force him and he takes me back home when he pleases and finally 9:30 pm which might go for and hour or so
    15. They are very clean and dont smell anything like a dog lol

    at the end of the day my dear, love your dog and care for him or her like your own child and more...

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