Yorkiepoo Puppy Barking at Night Questions

Discussion in 'Yorkshire Terrier' started by Carefree19, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Yorkiepoo Puppy Barking at Night

    Hi guys,

    I have an 11 month old Yorkiepoo. He still barks at night when we leave him in his area in the kitchen. He absolutely hated his crate so now he has his favourite blanket and toys to sleep with at night time.

    Puppies always bark when you first get them but he has not grown out of it. To be fair, it's only a few barks now but he clearly doesn't like being left alone.

    He loves being near us so I assume it's mild seperation anxiety. He doesn't get stressed or destructive though. Just barks for a few minutes...Any ideas why or how to stop this?

    I have attached a photo of our handsome little boy Oreo :)


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