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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by LMost, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Your funniest story with your dog in 2015

    Mouse has a few, but the one that sticks out in my head is.

    Well me and Mouse went to PetSmart, once there and him leaving drool on every kid who asked to pet him. Me and Mouse got the "You should not have a dog like that out in public without a muzzle", speech and how he could have even then injured one of the kids by knocking them over.

    She had a Pom who had just been bathed, groomed and fluffed up. Well about 5 minutes into the lecture, she notices her Pom has been standing under Mouse's head nibbling on the chunks but treats left in his drool. (The Poms entire head is covered and hair matted in drool.) She freaks out and turns around yelling for the manager.

    The manager comes over and she starts with how she just paid some stupid amount to have the dog washed, groomed, hair cut , nails trimmed and teeth cleaned.

    Manager says " I'm sorry but you approached him and his dog, so your at fault".

    She turns around quickly running straight into Mouse, Who leaves a huge glob of drool in her crutch, she screams and about 7 to 10 people watching start laughing me and manager included.
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    How terribly embarrassing for her, but yeah if your dog gets slobbered by another dog the store isn't liable.

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