English Setters, recall Questions

Discussion in 'English Setter' started by Kimcia, Mar 7, 2019.

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    English Setters, recall

    Hello everyone

    Im a lifelong dog lover and owner. I lost my elderley retriever last month and it still hurts. Im having a year off dog free before i have another one.

    Ive wanted an english setter for years and have read up as much as possible about the breed, I love their giddyness , i can cope with hair and drool and even naughtiness , the only thing im worried about is recall. Will i be able to train him to come back?

    I really dont want a dog who needs to be kept on a lead. I live in the countryside so its a dogs paradise, hardly any traffic, not many sheep mostly crop fields which we have access to.

    I used to walk with a lady with a lovely English setter who was really good, he d run out of site but always return, im not sure if he was unusual?

    Im not expecting an instant recall but it would be a worry if theyre likely to take off and not return?

    Any experienced english setter people here?
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